Nico Dicecco

A silhouette of a person looking at a projector screen, which displays a medical photo of an eye
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Nico Dicecco

About Me

Based in Vancouver, I have an eclectic media arts practice that includes videography, photography, projection design and theatrical production.

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From simple archival videos to feature length narrative films, I am in love with the collaborative process of crafting moving images


Specializing in portraits and event photography, my style accentuates vivid colours while centering moments of genuine expression

Projection Design

Working primarily in Touch Designer, I create video that is textural and integrated into the narrative world that surrounds it

Technical Direction

Working in small and medium scale theatre and dance, I help artists achieve their visions safely, on schedule, and under budget

Production Management

I handle production logistics and interdepartmental communication so that the artists I work with are free to focus on the creative process

Stage Management

I and I keep track of the pesky details and help to create a safe room where theatre artists can do their best work


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