Reviews for HappySad Theatre

Reviews for HappySad Theatre

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Reviews for Sex? But I’m Canadian! (Fringe 2018)

Oh, we’ll let you know. Believe us, we’ll let you know.


Reviews for Fifty Shades of Dave (Vancouver Fringe 2017)

Performer Nico Dicecco (who also wrote the show with Kyle Carpenter), is a consummate storyteller. Never feeling forced, every word and gesture had a purpose in telling the sometimes ridiculously funny, and bawdy, stories.

Understated, with a wink of reverence, Fifty Shades of Dave was a delightful end to another full day at the Fringe.

Mark Robins – Vancouver Presents


Understated, with a wink of reverence, Fifty Shades of Dave was a delightful end to another full day at the Fringe.

I really could not love this show any more than I do and I really feel so much pleasant joy and amazing gratitude to have seen it.

Anne Honeycutt – Living Myth Magazine


I do understand good writing, and this show has it in spades. 

Nico […]  is also a natural performer. I look forward to hearing more from this duo.

Peter Dickinson – Performance, Place and Politics


I was blown away, and the hour flew by!

Kelly Moncton – Two Cents Two Pence


The best, funniest show at Fringe 2018